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has anyone been able to get any good stuff in this years sales? I kitted out my son and girls from h and m quite cheaply (really love their clothes) Also we were homeless end of last year and had nothing, i got some bedding and curtains and a cheap radio (cant do without my radio!) All in all this years sales have been a success, i know they are usually pants but this i was impressed this year.

Just waiting a couple more weeks to pick up some garden furniture, with all this rain we have been having they hopefully will reduce it quite heavily. They'll be begging us to take it off their hands.....Hee20hee20hee

Anyone else picked up any bargains?
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i havent been yet, by the time i get their there will probably be nothing left Blush but i do need to find a shirt for the boys to wear to the school disco (emily already has a dress) so theres a good excuse Big Grin
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Just to mention Tesco have started the garden furniture sale already Big Grin
Get in there quick
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