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Hi. I've only just joined the forum and noticed your posting about the Piedro boots. I wondered if they had found a good home - probably have since 2 months have passed!
My boy has athetoid CP and is pulling to stand but has too much mobility in his ankles so his feet pronate quite a bit. We don't seem to be allowed orthotic shoes on prescription so I am having to consider a private purchase! His feet are currently size 21 so your spares would be great if they are still available.

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is there a reason that orthotics wont supply you with peidro boots? matt just has offside ankles as far as i can see and he gets them and has no official reason for his feet think its same as me as i walked on side of feet till i started wearing heels when i was about 11, think he would still be in normal shoes if a physio visiting the school hadnt sent him to orthotic dept.
it is worth asking for a referral to the orthotic dept as they can cost £150 a pair private and as he is young they wont last long. also he might need inserts which once you have them can go into a spare pair too
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hi boots gone sorry! if your child needs to wear peds physio or OT should sort this out for you?
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I have them in a 23 if they are any good?
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Hi everyone, I have a pair of Leather and suede Piedro Ostrich shoes size 38 here (velcro fastennings) trendy brown leather sports style (looks like fashionable trainers). In virtually new condition. If someone wants to make me a reasonable offer they can have them. My son wore them about twice before he grew out of them and the soles are unused. I bought them myself.

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