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My son Varun has GDD and microcephaly. He's 3 today and he is at about 20 month old level.

Would love to chat anytime.
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Euan is now under this cateorgory as he has always missed every milestone but the gap has always been getting bigger firstly he was 3 months behind then 6 months behind and now we have been told in all apsects he is one year behind but making progress.
So although we have the cystinosis as well we also have the issues of his development but rather intrestingly i just googled the causes of GDD and metabolic conditions are one of the things that cause it so i was suprised to have that conection Blush
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Hi hun,
My stepson Samuel is 5 and has GDD, Learning difficulties, Glue Ear, Sleep Apneoa, Flat Feet, Behaviour Problems, Hole In Heart, Heart Murmor, Spech & Language Delays and currently functioning at the same level as a 2.5yr old.
He is currently in hes 2nd year of nursery *they held him back a year at school* and as 1-2-1 support, but soon be moving up to reception in Septemeber.
We are also trying to fight for proper diagnosis, and awaiting tests.
Nice to meet you! x
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(07-13-2010, 01:29 PM)mishmash68 Wrote: hiya does anyones children have gdd thanks

Yes my 5 year old son has severe gdd along with asd and west syndromeHeart
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Hi MUM2006, my wee man had west syndrome too...not many of us about, so hello xx

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