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Hi Ladies and Gents

We have just been awarded a Maclaren Major Elite Buggy for our little boy and wondered if anyone knows if you can buy Parasols to fit them.

We have brought the rain cover and sun shade (very expensive and flimsy) but thought we might be better with a parasol if they sell them.

Can anyone help or suggest anywhere please?

Many Thanks

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Hi Sharon,

We have a small number of parasols listed on Living made easy for children which you might like to have a look at.

Also, there is a thread in this forum entitled 'Sunshade for a wheelchair' which you might like to have a look through as there are several suggestions in there.

Hope this is a good starting point for you.
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Myabe you have a pram centre near to you who could see if they have anything to fit, apparently there is a pram exchange near us whete the manager is very good at finding items that will fit so we are going to try there as the Maclaren accessories are so expensive

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