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Well the PCT nurses wouldnt be PCT nurses under the proposals as we will have no PCT Blush
So i wonder if they will simply be community nurses for a set amount of GP surgeries?
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well our local health centre hasnt had a permanent nurse now for 2 years if you want to see one u have to leave your phone number and they will give u a ring when they know someone will be there so hopefully this could mean they get someone permanent considering they are only doctors on about 3 council estates but the lowering of boundaries might mean i change to a better one anyway Big Grin
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GPs would never be able to cope with managing those kinds of finances.
The people who actually know what they are doing when it comes to managing the finances are the people who will be losing their jobs in the reshuffle.

What about services, such as inpatient autism units, which will be low on the agenda for GPs? Where will the funding come from?

And as someone said, the people with the more complex health needs don't tend to use their GP at all.
Our GP surgery is pants. I talk straight to the consultants or the hospital when there is a problem, I wouldn't trust them with my families health. I certainly would not trust them to know how to spend all that money.

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