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Euan coped really well with the op, it was really quick, just under an hour. He cried a little when he saw me after he woke up but ignored the button, its only now he's a little older that he messes with it. If he touches something dirty and then plays with his button it can easily get infected but my nurse is fantastic at treating it and it always heals pretty quickly.
I think it was the quantaty of food euan was having that would fill him up for the day but because its so high in calories it gave him tones of energy. His feed, nutrini, was 1calorie per ml and he was having 1000ml so you can imagine what that did for him. His weight gain was fantastic, although it has slowed lately, not because he isn't eating enough, but because he doesn't really grow at all so his weight has levelled off with his height which is to be expected.
I'll add the pics to the bottom of the thread! Smile
Luce xx

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Just read the thread again and saw you were intrested in a picture of the button itself.

Although i must add in this picture it does look sore because of granulation tissue which sometimes flares up.Blush

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