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Hello everbody,

im new to the forum and i as such have been a carer in the opposite situation, having looked after my mother for 2 months prior to her death when i was 15. I'm now 21 and have moved onto studying media at university. For my final year project i have decided to make a docuemntary highlighting the good work carers do for their loved ones and the self sacrifice that they make in order to make their suffering loved ones as happy as possible. The area interests me as its been an apparent theme throughout my life and i want people of my age to realise that the situation isnt determined by age, and can happen to anybody, but its the way that people pull together that makes these times easier. I hope you dont mind me posting on here, and anybody who is interested feel free to send me a message and i will be happy to tell you more about my idea. Thankyou for reading this, and having read through some of the topics, i think this site is a brilliant idea.

Oli Field
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Thanks for the introduction.
Hope you manage to find somebody.
Once the film is made let me know and if it suits the site i would be happy to showcase it somewhere on the site.
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That sound like a good idea. I remember the vicar at my grans funeral talking about what love is and saying that its not all hearts and flowers. True Love is about the blood and pain and being strong for someone, the sleepless nights and washing etc and all the things that carers do. Its not pretty and nice but its true love.

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