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Venue:- Chester Zoo

Location:- Chester

Admission price-
They have three different prices depending on time of year, they do advertise the prices on their website http://www.chesterzoo.org

Any discounts for disabled people and carers?:-
There is but its not a great deal of the main price, a couple of pounds i think.

What was the venue like?
Chester zoo is great, but it is huge and it does involve alot of walking although they do have a monorail but it only has two stops.

What is your overall impression of the facilities?
They have a few places to have a picnic, one indoor area and loads of grassed areas(although the indoor area is nearly always full of school trips), the restaurant is okay but pricey and not that great food.

Would you say the facilities were disabled friendly?
The facilities were disabled friendly there is disabled toilets dotted around the place, lots of places for a sit down if you need a rest, the restaurant is quite open, the shop is okay aslong as its not busy(go on your way in not before you leave as its heaving).

Please give a review on your trip?

My Children love chester zoo and we visit a couple of times a year(but then its not far from us), during the height of summer the queues to get in can be quite big but out of summer time there usually manageable.
They have some indoor places aswell as seeing the animals out in the fields, the indoor areas are all disabled friendly, and one area which is upstairs there is either the lift or ramps to get to it.
The place is immense in size though so there is loads of walking, and near the start by the elephants there is quite a steep hill but apart from that its mostly flat ground.
The restaurant has a fast food area and a cafe area in the one building, the food is pricey though, so we tend to take sandwiches with us and either sit on the grass or one of the picnic tables.
There is in summer a BBQ usually going on and for those wanting a proper meal there is the HOUSE which doen proper 3 course meals, theres also a pub there.
They have the monorail and also a boat ride.
Overall impression this is a great place to go and both adults and Children will love it.

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