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(02-17-2011, 09:47 PM)shaz Wrote: I have a 2 1/2 year old id twins, josh has cp( assymmetric quad), feel free to pm me your email address and i to will answer any questions you have Shaz

Hi, ID twins, wow how lovely. Thankyou i am very grateful, would be great if you could email me your email address to mine so i can send you aome questions over. it is bleasybaby_@hotmail.com
Cheers x
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my son is 6 yrs old , he was born at 24 wks and has cp, it also has been a long jounrey and still continuing tobe long, i have been waiting for respite for 2 yrs, currently on waiting list, my son is wheelchair dependant and just recently had a hip operation and is now in a cast from his chest 2 his toes. which means we are house bound for 12wks while he has this cast on, lifes hard at the mo .
gemma x
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oh my goodness, you have been waiting a long time!!! do you have a social worker? have they given a reason youve waited so long? you know the saying 'those that shout the loudest get the most' , dont keep waiting, keep phoning, tell them you are desperate for respite! we did, it took 9 weeks of constsnt phoning then we threatened to go down to their offices - which we did- and spoke to the head of department, he was shocked at how we'd been fobbed off....the manager would say he'd call but didnt and avoided our return calls. you really have to push and push otherwise, other people will and then they'll put them ahead of you and you'll still be waiting! i urge you, phone them and ask them for an explination, i think its terrible youve waited so long!!! Angry xx
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My daughter Jasmine is 4 next month and she's got spastic quad CP. She's got very weak head control, but she's improved a lot since she was referred to Oswestry for a standing frame. For about a year ago she still wasn't happy to be on her tummy but now she rolls around, tries so hard to lift her head and get her arms out from underneath her body. She can't sit unaided but the other day playing on her music toys I let my hands go and managed to count to 6 before she started to fall over Smile It was a really good day.
Her sleeping is sometimes good, sometimes bad.. overall, she doesn't like the idea of going to sleep.
Eating and drinking is still a problem. For about a year she only accepted watermelon juice, anything else and she'd make herself sick, suddenly she doesn't like it and only drinks water or apple juice. With food - i have to mash everything up for her, she loves mash mixed with tuna, fish fingers, cheese and chocolates... oh yeah, and bbq sauce Big Grin.
Very fussy with clothes, always has to choose what she wears and if not happy she'll go absolutely mad and won't stop crying and shouting till you take it off and give her something else - nightmare at school days when need to get her ready for a bus Smile
Overall she's a very very happy girl, loves Children, loves her school, loves water and her hydrotherapy classes. I couldn't imagine my life without her and her gorgeous smile Smile
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Hi i am new here, my son Daniel is 3 and has cp, he starts School in September. ANXIOUS times.
Daniel cant sit, walk, crawl, eat, or talk he is peg fed.
What Daniel can do though is make you laugh as he is very cheeky and loves playing tricks.
some days i just want to SCREAM because i feal realy useless and frustrated that i cant understand want Daniel is trying to tell us, you know he is sad and you cant help, but then i feel guilt, how frustrated is Daniel feeling he knows what we are saying to him and he cant get the words out to reply.
I love Daniel to bits and very proud when he acheives something the doctors said he wouldnt do. like his eye hand coordination Daniel loves the computer with the switch games.
he rolls onto his stomach all the time but cant get back , we do encourage him to roll all the way over he has acheived this about 4 times and only within the last 6 months the first time he rolled over on his own i had to tell every one it was like his first steps.

i have read all the posts on this topic and found alot of similarities to our situation and would like to chat more and pass helpfull tips on.

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