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Hi Everyone,

My name is Karen Brumell and I am in the process of starting up a Manchester Parent Forum where you can have your say. Are you sick & tired of fighting for support & services?? I know I am when it comes to my 13 year old son who was born with a rare disorder. For most of his life I have battled for everything to give him the better quality of life. I even ended up in a court room!!!!!

My dream is to start up a new forum here in Manchester. This forum will allow all parents/carers to have a voice in all future services. From education, social services, health etc. My dream is also to set up a new Disability Resource Centre to cover all of Manchester.

As parent/carers we are all individuals who have different skills to share. We also have certain connections within the community. As I am only one person, I need as many people as possible to make this dream come true.

At present, I am looking for a venue & trying to arrange a date for the first meeting. If you would like to be part of my dream, then please contact me. You can do so through here.

I have lots of expertise not only as a mother of a child with a disability, but also as a support group leader & through my paid employment. Want to hear more, then don't be shy...I NEED YOU MANCHESTER PARENTS/CARERS...let's make a difference. Be part of Aiming High in Manchester.

Lastly, if any one knows of a large free community venue I can hire, please let me know

Thanks for reading my post & I hope to hear from some of you soon.



p.s. Please make sure you let your friends know if they have children with disabilities or needs.
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Hi Karen,

I'm stacey mum to 3 boys 2 who have disablilities. My youngest also has a rare illness(hes 4) and i gave up trying to get social services to take an interest in us as everytime i rang i was being asked to justify why i wanted a carers assessment etc.
We also had no supposrt what so ever from the health visitors who last came out to see us when my son was about 20mths old saying they would come back.
I understand only too well what we seem to face in manchester in lack of support from anyone, only my sons hispital have been there for us.

My other son who is 7 was tested for autism by the carol kendrick unit and they were more than useless to the point that they told me he couldn't have autism as he spoke to people and autistic children don't speak to people but he does have autistic tendencies, i totally disagree with them and am in the process of asking his peadiatrician(who can never remember who he is or his name or what is up with him) for him to be tested somewhere else even if i have to go out of the county.

Anyway i've rambled enough

just to say i'm interested in helping

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I would be interested in helping out but I don't live in Manchester I live in Warrington but right next door to Irlam and Caddishead so to be honest Manchester is like my next door neighbour.


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