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hi no i haven't yet looked into claiming as no one has giving me anything in writing. My daughter goes to nursery so i do need to enquire about getting funding so she can have one to one help.
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Hello PrincessMaisyDolly

Take each day as its comes, don't look too far ahead. Dont get yourself in a twist and compare your child with others, you will make yourself ill, each child no matter what needs they have all reach their own milestones in their own time.

I will never change my son, Michael is Michael. Of course I want him to be "normal". To me he is normal and I love him they way he is.

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I have a little boy who is now 16 months old and he suffered severe oxygen deprivation at birth which resulted in a huge insult to his brain.

As you can imagine we were told that Zack will have severe disabilities and at first it was very difficult to come to terms with especially as he was still in SCBU and I just wanted him home.

I think you should allow yourself time to grieve for the daughter you imagined and the life you imagined for her. Then you will find your own strength inside, time does heal and it does get better.

I love my boy more than life itself and he can't sit unaided, he cannot roll yet, or crawl, he is PEG fed, has infantile spasms, plus vision and hearing impairments. Despite all this he amazes me with his strength of character his will to try and his fight.

You are in a different world now and it's frightening and unknown but it is also the most incredible, life changing journey you will ever get to travel.

I hope as time goes on you will feel better but for now don't worry about the future, one day at a time, you'll see how your daughter will amaze you.

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I only learnt this year that my son had cerebral palsy and he's 4. I had fought with doctors as I knew something wasnt right and the doctor that informed me said dont go home and google cp go to scopes website everything you need to know is on there. Plus if you phone them up they are more than willing to come to your home and discuss anything with you, I found this very helpfull and hope you do.

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