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i think i know what it is, remember looking it up before and i think i would qualify Blush i just couldnt because of the Children and they dont like to give them if your planning to have any children in future (nutritional reasons...) i am assuming youve looked into it fully!? you have to eat pureed food for 2 weeeks prior to the op to shrink your liver and then can only eat pureed after....not sure how long for...i think i read somewhere with the band its for as long as you have it!! but surely that cant be right!?!?! i dont think i could live on soup for the rest of my life....that would be mega depresssing!

yer it was reductil. so gutted they got stopped Sad fingers crossed the cuttin out junk works...once ive continued this for a few more weeks im going to try cutting my portion size a bit....baby steps for me Smile have to do things slowly or i fail hehe

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you can do tesco diets online cant you? i have tried weightwatchers years ago and it didnt work, you have to eat a load of food every day when you my size lol i couldnt keep up with the points i had about a days worth left at end of week but found i lost weight when working at cafe as i ate more lol. not joining our local one as they have had a new assessor and she is skinny (naturally not by dieting) and bouncy and cheerful grrrrrrrrr cant stand her lol
i tried kelp too a v long time ago Blush why cant you take it if you have a thyroid problem? mine keeps coming up as borderline underactive (get different results different times of month so think hormones have sumat do with it) so might give that a go again, also ladies gym i go to is starting a herbalife? i think its called that lol where u replace a meal with a shake well if it means i have one instead of breakfast which i dont like having it might be worth a shot. i used to use a detox drink that worked well as you just took one every day for a month then either once a week or do it for a week a month but they went bump Dodgy think that was more cause i went loo more often though Blush

had a friend that had reductil and when doc wouldnt give it to her as they said she should just stop overeating she just got them online and would lose weight when on them but it proved her prob was overeating.
just checked last assessment i had done at gym and my bmi is 39.4 i remember smiling as i had finally got below 40 lol
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