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hi alex has a standing frame and has done since he was about nine months old. i have to put his piedro boots on then strap him into it with the velcro straps one round his waist and one round his pelvis. i used to think it was a waste of time had to build up time he was in it to an hour morning and afternoon, but its paid off he can weight bear it made his legs a lot stronger and from that he moved onto a rifton walker. i got it from physiotherapy if they havnt got what you need they order something suitable.
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In Living made Easy we have a section on different types of standing frames which have a range of dimensions. It may give you an idea of different suppliers but I am not able to give you specific ones. The site does have useful advice attached to it that may be helpful.

Hope that gives you some scope if you haven't found a suitable standing frame already.
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