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(08-19-2010, 03:18 PM)Daniel Wrote: Are they not cheaper on ebay?

link removed as I can't post them....

Yes, sorry ebay cheaper if looking for just a raincover.
Raincover from Maclaren is £25 but has to be used with a canopy which is £30, so added together is £55, £13.49 more than ebay item.
But you do get the option of using the canopy on its own, for keeping out of the sun, which we have done at times in the last few months.
In fact have only used the raincover once, last week in Weymouth.
Really wanted to point out that accessories can be bought from Maclaren direct, but weren't advertised on their web site when I was looking, after a lot of fruitless looking on the internet I actually only phoned them as a last resort to ask why they we not sold, only to be told they did sell them.
When I was looking on the internet I found it frustrating that not many places sold items, or had raincover but not canopy and one place that had both wanted £70 + £5 delivery.
Seems to be a common question asked by people and something that health visitor and wheelchair services were unable to help us with when we asked where accessories could be bought.


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(06-29-2010, 09:47 PM)Jo+3 Wrote: My little boy is 3 and a half and cannot walk far at all because he has dystonia, we use a buggy as he is quite small but i dont know what to do when he is too big for it. Does anyone know where to get a small wheelchair from or how i go about getting one?

Hi Jo
You need to ask for a "Major" buggy - these are large blue folding umbrella type buggies specially for older children. You should be able to obtain one through your local wheelchair centre - your health visitor or paediatrician should be able to help.
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Thank you everybody for all your replies, you've all been very helpful.

Jo x

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