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If the chair was provided by the wheelchair service, contact the OT and ask them if they can provide them
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My son has a wheelchair provided by our wheelchair services and they ordered spoke guards with the chair..his have spiders on them which he thinks is great and so do his friends at school!! Speak to your wheelchair services-they really should be providing them.
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my 4 year old daughter currently uses a electric wheelchair around the house and a manual wheelchair outdoors on shopping trips etc, i went through the physio who sent a referral to wheelchair services. hope this helps and u get everything you need xxx

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(07-12-2010, 04:21 PM)nellie-anne Wrote: speek to your GP and OT .. wheel chair services here in southampton are fab (in my personal experience) we were looking to buy a Mclaren Major on EBAY.. but then we were told to ask our gp .. i was so pleased to get the referal .. they measured him ... helped me put it up and down .. and i have had it for over two years now .. thankfully dont use it as often as i used to and it lives in the car (when i went to get my new car .. the first thing i did was make sure it fitted in the boot ..) i wouldnt/couldnt be without it .... the only downside is over the years i still havnt managed to find a rain cover !

Are you looking for a rain cover for a Maclaren Major?
Not well advertised but if you go online to mclaren websute and phone them on 01327 841310 they sell all accessories for major and postage is free.
We bought canopy, rain cover and shopping basket... but our Major is blue and colour scheme has now changed to red and grey, but looks okay and price was better then ebay.....

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