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Hi. I'm new on here,I hope I'm posting this message in the right place

I'm just really looking for a few answers.
Last Wednesday my 10 month old daughter Sophia was fitted with a brace for hip dysplasia.
It was a shock as she had been diagnosed at 4mths and seeing they didnt' do anything I thought she would be ok at her next check up.
But it was not and i spent the next couple of days in tears and trying to get my head around "the whole brace idea".
It's been over a week week now and I'm feeling a little better and it's so reassuring to see Sophia adapt so well to the new brace.
She's a little brave girl and hasn't shown any signs of it interfering with her life except for sleepingSad
Both her and I haven't slept properly in a week!
She has small sleeps ok through the day. But she keeps waking every half hour through the night and I was wondering is this normal?
Is it the brace? Does it get any easier?
Also, whilst I'm asking questions - how long did your children have to be in the brace and if so - did they crawl and walk etc whilst wearing it?
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Hello Pauline.
Welcome to the forum and im sure other members can offer you some advice.
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