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What a shame i just took some information from the family fund website.... Confused
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(06-26-2010, 02:35 PM)Daniel Wrote: What a shame i just took some information from the family fund website.... Confused

Hi Daniel,

The info you gave is for the Family Fund Card which is a different payment card for other retailers. The Comet card is separate.

Best wishes,
Family Fund
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Tip for the comet card, don't tell the staff that your using a comet card until you come to pay as they won't knock anything of the price or give you free delivery etc if they know as they know that the money has to be spent in their store - my sister told them and they wouldn't budge on anything so when we got our card we were to get a washing machine, a dryer and 5 year warrenty on both, so we negociated the price for both appliances then free delivery and a free 5 year warrenty on one of the machines and a reduced price on the other.
Funny thing was their face was a picture when we paid like they had seen a ghost :-)
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i didnt tell them at our comet they guessed when i said how much i had to spend lol, i did get free delivery though as i insisted thats what it said online when i checked out their prices and the freezer i got had been reduced already anyway (wanted a large freezer and under counter fridge) but i am happy anyway as i know have food thats being used where with the chest freezer it never was as couldnt get to it under the mound of lollies we needed to keep in there hehe even buying our blakemans sausages in bulk and freezing now havent had them for ages as they used to slip to bottom of freezer (not so good when i trying to lose weight though hehe) they also insist on taking away your old appliances though we only had the freezer to go as fridge had gone earlier in the year
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