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Aww, I felt myself fill up when I read this, what a brilliant milestone! Smile xx
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awww welll done xx
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jaimee grade 4 ivh hemiplegia cp and global development delay
love my 3 girls all the world mommys perfect princesses xxxx
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Well done Grayson Heart
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YAY !!!!!! Smile Smile well done little one and for mummy HUGS ((())) anither milestone .. many many more to come Smile
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Thanks all, sorry for delay in replying been a very busy couple of weeks.

Lucy - well its not through support from physio lets put it this way, I honestly have no idea, part of me thinks it is due to what we do at home, part due to his once a week nursery situation, I also think his new pushchair maybe helping.

But in all honesty I think Grayson is finally starting to develop, I have heard of a very few cases of Children like Grayson that all of a sudden start showing improvements, they aren't massive but they are there.

Since I last posted he sits about 3/4 times a day now, depending on his mood, he has actually managed 15 minutes on 3 occasions, he is improving strength in his middle torso, his legs and arms are still totally unaware of what they should do but its amazing.

The last 3 weeks has been like having a different kid, he has started to attempt rolling just to his side as well, it keeps making me cry on several occasions, I need to get out of locking myself away with him though, cause then we went to see his 8 month old cousin this week and I couldn't believe how different Grayson was, I got a little upset again, my problem is I lock us away so I can't compare, but I think I need to stop this as I make myself worse.

Anyway here is my big boy sitting...
I have done it again Daniel, Image is big

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