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(06-25-2010, 02:55 PM)fatherjack Wrote: A very good idea BUT be careful as it wouldnt take much for DWP to see it as you working and not declaring income......... I am sure there are tried and tested ways to sort this out though Smile

oh realy ?? didnt think of that .....but its only little odd car boots and sometimes may be a sponsered walk or so ...but then the money (watever we get) will be used on the items stated therapy accomodation and petrol costs (as they add up trust me) i dont really see how that will affect the dwp? but then again u never know .....i mean personally we dont have any famly support from either side of famly so we are alone really , as when you have famly support they help out her n there , we dont get this thats why i thought this idea would be good ......
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have you tired to see if family fund, children today or cereba could fund some swiiming time for you

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