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Hi all

I want to do a fund for my son basically its like a pot where i will do car boots , sponsered events etc and the money will be put in this pot for my sons costs

the money will be for therapy , petrol costs for therapy , hydrotherapy sessions , horse riding , special equiptment etc

reason why is because me and hubby only get income support between us and have mortgage 3 bed house etc bills etc its kind of hard at times to afford things for him hubby was made redundant and to be honest it worked out for the best as he really helps with the care for him as i would not cope alone!! my health is not the best i get stressed and in and out of drs !!
we dont get hydrotherapy pool sessions on nhs they gave us just 6 sessions of 15 mins !! and i cant take my son to normal baths as he stiffens up water is too cold!! so i have found a few hydrotherapy pools but are quite pricey private! but he does so well in there..

i have approacged a car boot site and they are willing to give us a pitch for free!! fantastic arnt they

so whatever we make will go straight in the pot
and i was like thinking of doing a logo for him setting up a fund for him ? but i need advice on how

i was thinking of getting cards printed and doing a portfolio of hes needs and problems and what we are colecting for and doing some t.shirts for us to wear

i had a logo what do you all think


and have a little picture of hes teddy pushing hes walking frame??

but do we need to be registered ?

i dont know any help would be appreciated?


ambreen x
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Have you tried local special schools to see if they have hydro pools you can access?
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yes hazel they said hes to small he cant start till hes older and it has to go through the physio

ive tried everything i complained to the consultant thats when they quickly gave us 6 sessions at the hospital, im not being funny 6 sessions he got used to the them and now they have gone !! i said we need more

the physio said i will ask but there will be a waiting list!! huh
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Quite a battlefield but is possible but im just off on the school run and as soon as im back ill get all the information for you Smile
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A very good idea BUT be careful as it wouldnt take much for DWP to see it as you working and not declaring income......... I am sure there are tried and tested ways to sort this out though Smile

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