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On a sideline to direct payments.. if you get direct payments you can employ someone to help with the care, but if you want to go on holiday and need an extra pair of hands it works out really expensive.
If you chat to your social worker, they can put you in touch with their opposite number in X ( wherever you are going) and they should be able to help you find a carer at X.
I am not sure if this is using their own 'support workers/carers' or by using something like an agency, but the idea is that instead of paying someone 24/7 to be on hand and come with you, you book the person for the essential hours you need.
A lady local to us did this when she went to the USA, as there is an international thing to this too...although surprisingly few social workers seem to be aware of it.
A bit vague, but our local head of social services told us about this at a meeting a few years ago and parents were amazed.

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