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Hi Mags ,what a lovely story answers 5,6,7,8 you,ve said what i,ve wanted to say and just couldn,t find the right words.Zack is so lucky to have a mum like you.As you said the doctors had predicted he would be in +out of hospital with infec...etc and you,ve both proved them wrong and thats all down to the love and care Zak is getting from his family,my little boy is similar to Zak eg the seizures ,not smiling ,feeding etc,mind you he gives you a beautiful smile after a seizure.I try hard to look forward and not back....but sometimes its just so hard ...Beso of luck to you all and take care.Excercise
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(06-22-2010, 01:14 PM)zaksmum Wrote: Well it looks like my dreams for running the country might have just come true! Just been watching the emergency budget, and low and behold, from 2013 there will no longer be the horrid, long and sole destroying DLA forms to fill in. They are being replaced by a medical assessment instead.high5

Maybe worth taking the DLA chat over to http://www.parentsofdisabledchildren.co.uk/budget-and-disability-living-allowance-medical-assessments-t-2136.html

But i dont think they are planning to scrap the dla forms but actually make you do this and then have a medical assesment so another hurdle Confused
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Yeah Daniel, I'm afraid you are right. Just spoke to my sister in laws boyfriend who works at hospital here, and he said just that.....oh well, the dream was nice while it lasted Blush

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