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(06-20-2010, 01:49 PM)satnam Wrote: Hi,

We have a 7yr old child with severe disabilities (medical & physical). Currently we live in our own house. we've been assesed for a dfg but there's not enough space to build a separate room and bathroom for our daughter. What can we do? we have two younger children and a small two bed terraced house. we can't afford to move to a bigger house - we're struggling to keep this one! The OT says they can't do anything else - asked to a dfg to help with conservatory to increase space but that was denied. We have a stairlift to help and the OT wants to put in hoists - but there's such little space! We're so frustrated. our daughter badly needs her own space - so do the other Children!

Any advice please?

thanks - much appreciated.
like all the others have said, have you been in touch with your local council or HA.
Have you thought about a shared owenership

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