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Hi,i took my 2 youngest children to a surestart group this afternoon,we have been going for a couple of months.today a 3 year old boy pulled on my babys feeding tube.i said to be careful and he went off to play.however when my son fell asleep,i was reading my daughter a book and the little boy came back and pulled the tube so hard he has split my sons stoma.his mum apologised then as i carried my son out i heard her and another mum say"what does she expect?it makes him a freak".i am absolutely gutted,my gorgeous boy is not a freak.how do i handle these comments? i don't want to just not go,as my daughter enjoys it and most days revolve around her brother,but i don't want her to hear these idiots.i know i shouldn't be upset by these idiots but thought by moving to a new area i'd left this behind.
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aww so sorry we had the same not long ago feeding out daughter in a shopping centre, some stood around staying hay its better than watching a film this, my husband accidental arm jumped while he was doing the bowlers feed and threw the milk on them ha ha , they tuted and walked off
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sum ppl are just totally...............................
i dnt think i would of been able to keep my mouth shut andi defo dnt think you should stop going!! dnt let these narrow minded ppl get you down hun xxxx

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Surestart is staffed right? then report today's happenings to them formally as discrimination and have their child watched as he seems like a little demon!
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Oh my goodness thats disgusting!! Make sure you report it to surestart as they have to have an inclusive policy etc etc, if they let this go then it can be classed as discrimination as far as I am aware?
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