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Hi i am new to this forum so hope i have done this right, just seeing if anyone has any ideas, my oldest son Ryan is 13yrs and he has to share a room with his brother Liam who is 12yrs old and has autism, unfortunatley Liam does not sleep on a night we have had him on melatonin for a while both fast release and slow release and he still dosn't sleep but as he is getting older he has stopped waking us up but now turns on his tv or xbox in the middle of the night which is keeping his brother awake, does anyone have any suggestions of anything that helps them to sleep, we have tried all the usual (ie baths, warm milk, keeping him out and active all day and melatonin) nothing seems to work, and it is really taking it out of his brother. Unfortunatley we carnt put them in seperate rooms as we have a little girl of 5 and it is only 3 bedrooms.
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My 15 year old has Smith Magenis Syndrome; a major component is poor sleeping. Ellen has been on melatonin mr for 5 years and for her it does work(she is on 9mg a night). I will go and check on sms specific sites to see what others use as I know there are other drugs in use esp in the US. It make take me a day or two to get back to you. Hazel
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Not sure if this will work with you but we have a small portable DVD players, the kind you can watch on the back of head rests in cars, and my 6 year old watches it in bed with headphones on in a morning when he wakes up and as it's small it sits on his bed, and it's quiet as he uses headphones so my 3 year old doesn't get disturbed at all, and neither do I. He also has a DS which he uses with head phones in and that is nice and quiet too. Smile
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i am sorry i dont have ideas on helping him to sleep, would he wear cordless headphones if he has to play games or watch tv to the noise doesnt disturb ryan? we have a 17yr old and he has to have tv on all night and if we switch it off when he is asleep he sits up and turns it back on without waking up lol but we had a lot of problems with the sound level being too high we could hear it in our room and had to keep going back and forth,
we got a speaker pillow that plugs into any ipod or tv socket if its near enough which might help him to settle as he is lying down while watching telly (used to have portable dvd player plugged into it) Big Grin
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i know someone who has a son that doesnt sleep, melatonin never worked but now he's no something new and i think thats helping. next time i see her, i'll ask her what it was or i'll have a google and see Smile


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