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Hope this helps
Get in touch with motobility first. they can do an assessment or arrange for one to be done. this way you will know whats best for you and get the advice from the experts. as far as the initial payment goes they also have a grant department who can help - they have with us.

One word of caution avoid the Citroen C8. this was our first car which we have had for four years we are on our ninth new tyre for the same front wheel and the electric rear doors also open on their own. We were only doing 20mph but someone had this happen at 70mph.

Do not go to dealers yet. Get the motorbility brochure and take it from there.

Good Luck

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the Citroen guy at Barnsley was so helpful with us we have a grand 4 like dan we love it, only we got semi auto because of my legs so did pay a little deposit but only 3 50
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yes going to give mobility a ring on monday. but need to talk it over with the kiddies daddy aswell really as his car is ok for us in a sence been an estate but its a 2.0 turbo petrol thing and only does 22 miles to the gallon!!! but he loves the car and then he moans over the cost of running it been a group 18/20 insurance group (£80 a month insurance and £45 a week in fuel)
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just remind him that if you hire the car with motability they pay the insurance so its saving £80 a month and that doesnt include the petrol but if he needs a car for work i am not sure how things are now as mark had to have his own car as couldnt use the mobility one unless it was for matt or he was in the car
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22 miles to the GALLON Confused
Thats STEEP 49
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