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Hi I'm Lynn,
I'm mum to 8 year old girl with severe cerebral palsy. She is wheelchair bound and needs help with all aspects of daily life. She doesn't speak but is able to communicate (understands everything!!) using a book. I'm currently trying to stop our council merging her school with another special school in the area, hence why I'm here looking for information!
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Hi Lynn, welcome to the forum! I'm Lucy, Daniel is my partner and we have 3 children, Emily7, Euan2 and Alfie 3months. Euan has a rare genetic metabolic disorder called cystinosis. This causes him many problems and will end up with him needing a kidney transplant within the next 10years. Thanks for joining, why is it you are trying to stop the schools from merging? did I see somewere they are merging with an ASD school? are they trying to bring about other changes too?
Once again thanx for joining and I hope we can be of some help

Lucy xx
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Hi Lynn,
Thank you for joining and i hope you stick around and get stuck into the forumTongue
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