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Caernarfon Castle
Castle Ditch
LL55 2AY

Admission price

Adults £4.95, Reduced rate children £4.60.

Family Ticket:- £14.50- admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16 years.

What was the venue like?

We didn't expect to take Jack in his pushchair around the castle walls or up the towers!!...but we also didn't expect to be confined to the small grounds either.

Dave and I had to take it in turns going around the castle with Ryan whilst Jack got fed up in his pushchair.

After half an hour I was getting a bit disappointed so went to speak to the man at the entrance/pay booth. I told him that we felt a bit hemmed in due to us having a toddler in a pushchair - we couldn't even access the museum part due to steep steps down and then up - I explained that Jack couldn't walk around by himself and he told us that the staff weren't allowed to ask visitors if they had any problems with access/walking etc (which is fair enough).

He explained about the free admission for one carer (which I wasn't aware of before we went) then said he was really sorry and gave us all our money back!! GOOD customer relations Caernarfon Castle BUT if I'd known about the access problem beforehand we wouldn't have visited - the leaflet we had on the castle stated 'Access for all'.
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im gald you got your money back but saying access for all is very misleading
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Hi! 9

We visited the castle on holiday last year and had exactly the same problem as Thomas was in his pushchair, and struggles with steps (let alone the safety aspect of taking a 3 year old without the concept of fear so high up!).

Like you we took it in turns with our other 2 children to walk round the walls and go in the museum, which wasn't exactly the family day out we expected. And I didn't know a carer went free either! A friend of mine asks now everywhere they go and 9 times out of 10 they let her in without charge.

Sue xx

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