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Sundown adventureland theme park for under 10's

Sundown Adventureland is 6 miles from the A1 Markham Moor and sign
posted 3 miles from Dunham on the A57 , and for your
Sat Nav DN22 0HX remembering that the 0 is a zero

Adults and children over 2 - £9.50 each
Disabled visitors - £8


We LOVE sundown, its one of the few places we've found where most things are suitable in some form for Matthew. Its also got plenty for the girls to do!
Its almost all wheelchair accessible, the restrictions are generally in the little 'village' places, as some of the buildings are two story with only stair access. However these are just play buildings, for people to climb and run in and out of, so its no major loss. My girls like to run about in them and look out of windows calling to their brother.
In one of the playgrounds they have 'bear' style swings, they are hard to describe (I think there is a pic on the website) but Matthew can sit in them properly, as they have high backrests and safety bars so he can't fall out. Being able to visit a playground and get him to play on something was a major bonus for us.
There are LOADS of interactive bits which are great for special needs Children. Lots of buttons to press, which set off various animal noises, or songs etc.
You can't take wheelchairs on the rides, but staff are happy for you to take disabled children on. It states they cant help lifting, but they are happy to help in other ways - there is a water barrel ride that you're supposed to get on whilst its moving, but they stopped it for us to get Matthew on.
They do call themselves an 'all weather' attraction, there is a large soft play area inside with ball pool.
I didn't realise that carers didn't get a discount which seems a bit naff, as disabled visitors only get £1.50 off. However its a place where I know all the Children get something out of it, and Matthew doesnt have to just sit there watching his sisters play.
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glad you this up we thinking of going soon!Smile
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I agree it is a lovely place, however the selection of food is a bit limited so if you or your child have any special dietary requirements it may be best to take a picnic.
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We're off here this weekend for the Christmas experience, but I'm not happy! After all my banging on about how disabled friendly it is, the santa ride isn't designed to be wheelchair friendly! How stupid!
After a few cross phone calls to them, they've agreed to let hubby in at a reduced price (couple of pound off, wow) as we need to leave the wheelchair at the entrance and carry him round, not something I'd be capable of!
Wouldn't have bothered but we'd already made plans and booked a travelodge room for the night before. Hopefully we can make them see its something that needs to be thought about for next year!
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i do like sundown - the main 'rides' are really accessible BUT they don't promote alternative entrance for disabled children. I did end up asking a ocuple of times and they were happy to let us come to the exit gate with our daughter in the chair, but it seemed very discretionary dependant on the person on the gate. It would be nice if they could take a leaf out of disney's book and have a designated system of having clearly demarkated disabled access.

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