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(06-07-2010, 06:20 PM)Daniel Wrote:
(06-07-2010, 11:52 AM)fatherjack Wrote: Is there room to have a static caravan craned in?

I roared with laughter there for a minute thinking of the cranes on the street craning in a caravan Big Grin

There's a big market over here for statics in gardens whilst people either self-build or renovate an old house......... maybe over your way it would look a bit strange though Smile
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i knew someone who lived in a 2 bedroom caravan inc her mum dad and brother and not the larger static one either for over a year while they built a 6 bedroom mansion (well near enough one to me when i saw it) you could fit my living room in theirs about 6 times over it was massive. how they managed in that dingy caravan i have no idea though
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we have a static as a tea room/loo/feed store at the farm, it's surprising how much room they have in them really.
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I love Static caravans and personally i would love to own one but her in doors talks me out of it Blush
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