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yeah I know, anything with special needs or disabled in the title means extra zeros usually.

Who are the other ones Daniel? It'd be nice to have another service to choose from as well x x
Keely x
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togs4sprogs is one that has been highly recomended this week Smile
Also another website is another Smile
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i've been told that you can loan these from occupational therapist? it would be worth a try before you spend that kind of money, just to see if they really do work. if you have tried them i'd be interested in feedback, thinking of getting one for my son.
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Went to the OT last week after a year of waiting for an appointment only to be told that they don't have weighted blankets or weighted jackets to try and i should look on the internet to find them. How crazy is that? How do you know if they are going be right for your child and at £160 for a blanket theres no way I can afford to get one if it doesn't work. Willie will just have to have a thousand quilts on his bed!!
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(10-31-2009, 08:40 PM)bessie Wrote: I'd be interested in a 2nd hand weighted blanket. I'm interested to see if it works but dont want to spend tons on a new one in case it doesnt. xxx

hello, ive got one if your still after one its only been used a few times

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