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Hi everyone

Not really sure where to start but here goes.

We own the property.

the council have agreed that we need adaptions to the house so that my son can have a downstairs bedroom and bathroom, the council want to convert our garage but we have requested that they build an additional room attached at the back of the house.

If they convert the garage we wont have any storage space for my sons sports chair (take 4 months to replace if stolen - not an 'off the shelf' item if stolen) and the other things we store in there as we dont have secure storage anywhere else, but the most important bit about it is we are self employed and out deliveries are made to the house and stored in the garage, it is also the only access onto the back garden (unless you go through the house - not good for lawnmower and coal deliveries).

The architect has been out to draw it up and we are still saying that we dont want and wont go ahead with what they are offering as it doesnt meet the needs of the rest of the family, but they have basically said 'tough'.

Is there anything that we can do in order to get what we need?

Lorraine x
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Just to see if there are any "Angles"
Do you pay business rates on the property for use of the garage and also if you own the house do you declare the garage as a part of the business in terms of value on the balance sheet?
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Hi Daniel

We dont pay business rates as although we work from home, we dont work at home (so says accountant) - we do claim use of home for business on the balance sheet - but there is nothing paid for it.

The garage is used for many things - not just deliveries (carpets and flooring) cant have a 5 metre carpet in the kitchen waiting to be taken to clients house as then my son couldnt use his wheelchair around the rest of the house.

If we had the councils recommendations then the house would not be suitable for the rest of us - my son even says he will struggle on rather than the alterations.
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If the garage is the only access onto the back garden and they want to cut that access of then i would check if this cause a problem for safety reason.
I know when we where doing ours we where not allowed to block and access to and from the back to the front of the house because ( and I don't want to scare you), if a fire broke out we need free access.
So I don't know if this reason can help you out??

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Hi Bernie

thanks for the reply and you havent scared me Smile

im not sure i explained correctly but you can access the garden through the kitchen/dining room (all in one) - right through from the front door to the back door, but the garage is the only way through for coal deliveries (not having coal traipsed through the kitchen every 4 weeks in the cold weather, and there is no way i am paying for the local thieves to stay warm in the winter by having the coal bunker on the front of the house).

And the only way for the lawnmower to be brought onto the front of the house to cut the grass - again it would have to come through the house and thats not good.

We cant afford to do the build by ourselves or i wouldnt have even asked the council for help - my husband is currently on short time work (recession) so we cant even afford the 'extra' fees the councils architect wants to charge to draw up plans for the work we would like to do.

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