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Hi all, we have been living in our home now for 4 years(council) last year both our youngest daughters were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. There are 7 of us living in a 3 bedroom house!
We have had an assesment of the house done as its not wheelchair friendly and then we had to re-apply to the council to be put back on the housing register. They wrote back to us and said we have been awarded 110 points, but there is nothing in the local areas to accomodate our needs!
Now 6 months later we are still waiting and starting to get desperate,so i contacted the O.T and she said she would come and inspect with the housing officer, but he has had to go higher up in the chain as there is so much work to be done!! I'm starting to feel very doubtful about them extending this for us but what other options are there?!?
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HI dwelshbird

We have a 14yr old lad with Cerebral Palsy, all I can say is don't give up I live in N Ireland so things may be Differant but we waited 2yrs before someone came out to look at our house, then it took another 2yrs from appling to us getting the go ahead and another year living in a building site.

You have to keep on at them phoning them everyday if that what it takes, I don't know what your MP is like but if they are any good get them to your house and get them to fight for you.

Our house was completed 2 yrs ago and it has made a differance to our daily life, so don't give up

Don't look down on anyone unless your helping them up
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You do have to cut-out the middle man and go to the top before any action goes your way with a lot of councils. I always say to write to your MP (you can do this through theyworkforyou.com) give them 3 weeks then start on the chief executive. Local papers always like to do stories about local government failures so if you dont mind your story and a pic in the local rag then contact the editor of your local weekly and evening papers............... it is so sad that everything has to be such an uphill struggle for so many families!
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my daughter is going though the same situation
she has severe learning difficulties, menieres disease, so she has deafness and tinitus, fibromyalgia, she has autism and challenging behaviour, so she definitely has her fill of ill health.
she has no access to her bedroom, bathroom and kicthen
so is stuck on the sofa
we get no help from occupational therapists, as the OT's view is it is just aches and pains, so will not do any adaptations, although my daughter is in a wheelchair. we moved to our bungalow in february, but are still not getting any further with the OT. Yours Shrek
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Our local council are really good i just make sure i get everyone on board... we had downstairs facilities done 6 years ago ( bedroom and bathroom with bath ) and above that i came to an arrangement with the council for an extra 2 bedrooms to be built on top ( i also have 6 children ) the council paid for downstairs part and the roof boiler in fact everything that they would of had to do and i put a contribution for the 2 rooms above.... we have now had to get them out again to relocate the downstairs facilities as she has grown out of it they have told me the process may take up to a year before the work will start ... I know you shouldnt have to but just keep on fightin for what you want, get as many proffesionals involved as possible...

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