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Hi all,

my son is 3 years old with hemiplegia cerebral palsy and global developmental delay, we have all the proffesionals working with him ,we have a early years specialist (who to be honest has not really been there much) i found out about a statement through someone outside and told the SEYS(SPECIALIST EARLY YEARS SRVICE) she was a bit hesitent and tried to put me off and said ill come and visit you and explain, she explained but said we should visit the special nurserys first before we make a desicion, we did this and we decided we wanted my son in a mainstream nursery , it took a while to make up our mind and i was feeling the pressure from her as she was telling me , oh u left it late etc etc etc , i was not getting no support from her , she even put my sons name down on the list for the special needs nursery already!!! we went to book a visit in may to a mainstream nursery , and the head of nursery (not the actual head teacher) WAS REALLY NICE TO US AND SHE WAS SO POSITIVE THAT I WAS SO HAPPY.

It was a more smaller nursery so not overcrowded just right for my little boy, i explained he cant walk yet he stands with aid and bum shufles , she was quite happy with it all and said they had a child a few years with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair , she also said maybe get him special clothing so he could bum shuffle outside in the garden with other Children lol
(thats how positive she was)
she even put her hand on her heart and said there will be a place for our son in september
i told her i had not applied for a statement as of all the confusion and not getting support or help towards it,
she advised me not to worry and said i had got the ball rolling at least
she gave the application form and said when we ready fill it in and give as much information as possible any reports etc
then pop it back to them and then they can call us into the office to discuss my sons needs and even before we went she said they have a disabled parking bay out side front and explained about coming inside when we start etc
she basically sold it to us!!
so after getting back i called the SEYS and spoke to her and told her i made up our mind and i liked it and was going ahead , she did not sound happy and said right i will get my manager out to explain about the statement process and went off!!!
I got the deatils off the manager of SEYS and applied for a statement, also we filled the application to the nursery and sent it back,
I called the nursery to ask if they got the form and what will happen they called us in to school for the meeting with the SENCO
We went to the school me and hubby and son
there was the head of nursery lady we met before and the SENCO lady
soon as we started the SENCO stated she said our son would need 121 if he was to come to the nursery and she said she dont think it was safe for him due to health and safety as they have a bend in the nursery and its a blind spot where children can play and she thought he would need 121 due to this and the toilet also?!?!?!!?
and then she said she was not willing to do the statement !!!
i was horrified !!!
i was expecting this meeting to discuss what help they were giving not to dissapoint us after telling us how great the nursery was and being positive of hes needs etc etc, she also said that my son would be assesed at the special needs nursery (the same one the SEYS team put hes name down on!!) she mentioned that nursery so many times !!! she said that was the statement process
which infact it is not as i have found out yesterday she lied!!
she said the statement might not be done till late and instead of him being without in september he can go to the special needs one then when the statement comes through and they decide 15 hours or more he can come here........*&^%$£""!!!!!!!!
so i clarified this
i said so you saying send him to the special needs one wait for statement providing it 15 hours or more then we can pull him out of that nursery and put him in yours ? i said do you gaurantee a place , she said oh no i dont im not going to get in trouble !
then the head said , yes i do i will keep hes space for him
(how can i beleive her after putting her hand on heart before!!)
then they said we have to be carefull as he might be comfortable in the other nursery so we would need to monitor him !!! YEH RIGHT WHAT A LOAD OF B*****T!!!
I felt sad and upset i couldnt beleive what i heard
I am now fuming and i need help as to how can i complain about all this ? can i complain??
i have already spoken to ofsted due to there excuse about health and safety about special needs children about the blind spot (so really they dont cater for special needs) she even had a cheek to say we really are well known for specail children services !!! yeh right there was not one special needs child there!!
the funny thing is she never mention the health and safety issue when we came for the visit......
I really will not be sending my son there now and wil not be sending him to the special needs nursery of there choice !! how dare they hes my son arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

sorry for the long story but i wanted to explain everything

i really would not have filled the form in if they had been honest from day 1 and wasted nearly a month , now i have to start all over again and search for another ........

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Trouble with statements is that they make it a legal obligation for the local authority to provide the best care.
If the authority say that that good enough care can not be given in a main stream setting then they will are required to provide a place in a special needs settings.
The choice is taken out of your hands.

As to this SENCO, she really isn't a very good one. If they have a blind spot in the nursery it is a liabilty for all children not just one with a disability.
Yes it is her job to highlight potential problems but it is also her job to look at ways to overcome them.

Does the council not have a disability equality scheme? It is a legal requirement to at least try and overcome these kind of obstacles.
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Hi dawn , and thankyou for your reply

yes i said the same thing liability to all not just my son , but it was the way she said it !!

i was thinking of telling ofsted to check it out

i think it was just a excuse not to have my son , wish they was honest instead of lieing ....

do you think i can take this further ? make a complaint etc , i have a witness my husband ? but is that enough?
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I found that problem when i enquired about statements for our son. We were told that they would assess his needs and tell us what school is suitable!! i thort NO WAY!! how dare you tell me where i will send my son? thats my decision....we also had the problem where my daughter goes accross the council border to go to school and i wanted him at the same one. They said if i put in for a statement BEFORE he started nursery then they could legally tell me what schools suited him INSIDE their council borders, so, i have had to start him at the nursery un-statemented and THEN go for the statement as once he's there, aslong as the school can meet the needs of the statement, they cannot force me to take him out and put him where they say! i know this obviously isnt an option to everyone but the school nursery i have started him at have been so good!! they have given him the extra support he needs without the statement in place, i think that is probably because they have a resource unit attached with 10 memebers of staff from a special school that closed down, so all the staff are experienced and they are willing to give him all their resources!

if you want him in mainstream but he needs the support of a special school, are their any in your area with a unit attached so he can have the best of both worlds as such?

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well good on you lucy , your are very lucky

you see my son is aware and quite clever in hes own way he copys and picks up everything and saying double words , knows what he wants etc picks up words everyday , its just hes physical ability , he can sit but cant stand alone or walk alone due to hes balance , so really he dont need to be in a special needs nursery , they want him in a special needs nursery (the seys teacher does) im not sure yet what the statement will say , but this special needs nursery is attatched to a main stream one but im not being snobby or anything its in a run down deprived area and its about 4 miles away , when we went to visit it the special needs bit hardly had any Children in , i think everyone said no we dont want our Children here so they trying so hard to get my son in !! we have another enhanced one by us thats much better i might try that but worried if i left it late ......ohhh stress .....Disappear

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