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i have exactly the same issue with my 3 year old. She is quite tall and likes to roll all over her cot. The travel cot is just to small and she ends up crunched in a corner. She cannot walk or sit so needs very sturdy sides.

We have bought one of these which lasts up to 5 years old. Plenty of room and safe: Bush baby It's not perfect though, we put a quilt underneath it to provide a bit more insulation when we were staying in a caravan.

We also looked into safe sides which is a bed with blow up sides that fits on a normal single bed, but they range from £800 - £1200!!!!

My latest thing to try is a bed guard on each side of the bed in conjunction with inflatable sheet bumpers: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dusky-Moon-Dream-Bumpers-Single/dp/B001PMXD5Q

Would be interested to hear in anyone has found something better.

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Thanks for all your input everyone! Much appreciatedSmile

My biggest concern is unless she is in a cot she cannot be left alone. She has no sense of danger and still eats everything she finds. She can open drawers, climb on the furniture (and falls off!) and still falls over easily when she's trying to walk.

I think I will see how we get on with the one we have for our holiday next month and then just have to buy a new one and wedge it whatever way we can when we next go away.

Thanks everyone. It's great to have friends out there to share things with Bumping
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Also might be worth emailing living made easy:
I know they can assist with finding equipment and in many cases can help identify funding as well.
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Hi Blod,

Not sure if it's too late for you, but we have a few travel cot options listed on Living made easy for children which you might be interested in viewing...

The Safespace Voyager which is designed for short term use: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/soft-spaces/safespace-voyager-0045975-3167-information.htm.

Cotwolds Cots who will provide a made-to-measure travel cot: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/fixed-height-cots/cotswold-cots-0022558-3169-information.htm

Tomcat bed which the supplier states is suitable for travel: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/fixed-height-cots/tomcat-bed-0047447-3169-information.htm

Hope this might be of some help for you or others.
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I don't know if it will be suitable for you but we've used a bushbaby nestegg to put our daughter in when we are travelling, it means she is on the floor and we don't have to worry about her rolling out of bed, we just check to make sure she's not rolled up in a ball, in one corner!

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