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Our little girl is 2 has LD and has just started taking her first few tottering steps. She presently sleeps in a cotbed.
The last time we went away we used the travel cot we had however she is not going to be out of a cot for ages and are wondering what other people do as their children get bigger and they travel.
I have found extra large travel cots but they only are suitable up to 15 kg and if she carries on, on the same centile she will be 15 kg in a few months.
We go away next month and I feel we may need a bigger travel cot.

Any ideas? Would be most grateful to hear peoples experiences.

Thanks xBlush
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We use bedguards on the bed, but our son doesn't walk so we know he's safe like that. I do know you can get things like zip up tents that go on the bed, and keep them safe so they can't escape.....not sure what else is on the market though
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My son is 4 and until a few months ago he slept in a travel cot at his gran's every weekend. It was the only safe option and he slept better in there.

My 5 year old niece loves that travel cot so much she insists on sleeping in it whenever she stays there too.

I think the weight thing is a problem if the child gets large enough to tip the cot over when they stand up in it.
If you strategically place it so it can't tip then it should be fine for a while yet.

My mum's stands in the corner of a room sort of wedged between the wall and the side of the wardrobe.
If you had the cot set up in your room you could wedge it between wall and bed.

Alternatively, have you seen the 'my first ready bed'. It is a bed that folds very small so good for travelling and they come in all different designs. http://www.amazon.co.uk/My-First-Ready-Bed-Tigger/dp/B002BIWOVC
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That has been a problem for My husband and I for many years, Christopher altou is disabled but is also very active he can get out of anywhere a right proper houdini.
We used the travel cot a lot when we went away, lucky for us the wee man sleeps with his legs folded up on his chest so we can still use the cot, what we have to do is put Christopher in between Sean and I untill he falls asleep and then we lift him into the cot. As soon as he wakes up we get up and but him into his wheelchair what what we have had to do the last 8 years.

We will be of to Blackpool again this year but I think this will be our last year we have look everywhere for an alterive for christopher but with no luck.

I wish you all the best in your search

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my son also sleeps in a travel cot this is too small and we are waiting for funding via OT for something called Genie safe sides, a blow up single sized bed. looks like a paddling pool with tubes, this houses a single mattress so can be deflated and taken away. you may have seen them in hospitals? but they are as usual expensive approx 800.00!! no other alternative for us though as nothing else will fit in our room.
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