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Im new here so im not quite sure where to start and they say the begining is usually the best so here i go and sorry if i ramble on too much,i will try to keep it short.

My name is Donna and my freinds call me Dolly since school and it kind of stuck,im 24 years old and from Kent.
I have an 2 year old boy who is my first and as he is my first i was a little stupid in a few of my judgement call's i think.
I feel that this is all my fault.
My son has been late doing all the little things such as crawling,sitting up and is still not walking.
I just put this down to Children having various stages of development but my own mother used to say dont be stupid he is not right but i just wanted to believe everything was ok.

But the support i recieved was never supportive just critism as such,but this is my first child and i didnt know whats what and when i looked on the internet it just said every child is different.
Eventually i gave in and i went to the health visitor and they said he was showing signs of global developmental delay,ive googled global developmental delay and asked the health visitors about it but it just seems that people just say its a delay.
I told my mum and she went and looked up stuff and now she saying my little boy does not have global developmental delay but has autism,not quite sure where she come to this conclusion but as i ignored her thoughts previously i again spoke to the health visitor and she said that an assement would be done for autism and aspergers and a few other things but i cannot find what the other things would be?

I also just dont know if global developmental delay is something that will get better itsself or will he need support to catch up and when is this support offered?
I just feel so alone on this at the moment as i had never heard of this thing and just know what to do now or where to turn?

Has anyone here had a child with global developmental delay and what are the things i should come to expect from now?

Thank you everybody and sorry for the rant
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hi Dolly

firstly... Global development delay means your son is not hitting the usual milestones at the same time as others of his age. This could be something or nothing, depending on how things go from now on. The label is a ticket to getting support so check out what may be available ( ask health visitor).
For example... sure start scheme in your area? pottage schemes? Support groups?

When playgroup starts ( ages vary around uk for start ages), you should be able to access a support worker to aid the playgroup by working with your son. ( They claim the funding for this).

Autism? Unlikely to assess for this yet, unless he is displaying signs so extreme that even the milkman can spot it!

YOU need support... either online from here or from something local.
It all seems such a scary place right now, and it needn't be... it is a large boat you are now in!
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Hi there Dolly, welcome to the forums Smile

I will try to offer support, and to ask a few questions if I may. Suzanne is correct, GDD means your son is not hitting his milestones and this is an 'umbrella term' meaning it's non-specific as your son does not have a recognised condition (yet). You say your mother thinks your son is autistic, what leads her to that conclusion?

There are three areas in which your son would have to show difficulty in order to be assessed for autism;

Communication: Is your son speaking? Babbling? How does he vocalise? Does he give eye contact? Is he understanding simple spoken words? Can he point?

Social Development: Can he play simple games with you? Does he seem eager to watch a lot of t.v. repeatedly wanting to watch the same type of programme/episode rather than interact? Again how is his eye contact when you are playing with him? Does he wave 'bye-bye'?

Imagination: Does he have any favourite toys/objects that he wants to carry/line up, play with in an unusual way even when shown how to play, such as spinning the wheels of a car instead of pushing it on the floor? If you bring him a new toy does he show interest/curiousity?

These are just some basic ideas of what to look for, although I'm a bit puzzled at the Health Visitor saying he would be assessed - this usually starts through being referred via your G.P.

I agree totally with Suzanne, I think you could do with some support. Sometimes we all need help, whether it's advice, a bit of confidence boosting or someone to have a good old moan to Tongue Playgroup is a good start, funding usually starts on the first full term following the childs 3rd birthday. Sure Start is also an excellent idea as it will also give you contact with other mums too.

I don't think you've been 'stupid' at all, you sound like a caring mum Smile We all get a little lost and unsure sometimes and it's doubly hard if you've no support.

Just read your post again, a little question - Is it just his gross motor skills or other problems?

I hope you post back as there are lots of members to give you support and encouragement

Take care x
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Hi Donna I have just signed up to this to look up GDD as my son has just been diagnosed with it He is 23 months now . He isnt my first I have a daughter whos 6, and I feel stupid for not spotting things with him sooner he wasnt sitting up at 14 months and only commando crawled at 13 months .I just put it down to him being Lazy. He was delayed with all his milestones and has had to have blood tests MRI scan to look for an injured brain, and as I started to look at things and talking to his physio was looking like cerbral palsey. His MRI was clear and all blood tests normal. That has all changed as in the past 3 months he can pull himself up and walk round furniture he has now started to sit and think he we walk pretty soon. As his physio sees him every few weeks she seems to think he shows signs of autism only some as he is very socialble but repeats things spins wheels on cars looks at his hands constantly and a few others. sorry to ramble. Has your son had any tests? I was really looking for the same answer as you what is GDD? Just remeber you are not on your own I am really lucking because I am the oldest of 9 and I kept saying to mum something wasn't right and in the end she said I think your right she didnt call me stupid she supported me with taking him to GP and getting him refered and its really helped me to have a good family and friends around as its been a really tough year. It doesn't sound like you have had that but I am always here to talk to if you want a friend as I feel we have something in common.
Lots of Hugs to you sorry to go on
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Hi Dolly,
Our son euan had GDD, including with his vision and speech (aswell as gross motor skills), it turned out that the gross motor skills were delayed due to him having rickets and failure to thrive both due to another underlying medical condition. Once the medical conditions were stabilised he has started to catch up but it is taking time. Have they checked for underlying causes? and as the above said, what areas are affected.....gross motor, fine motor....both??

Lucy xx

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