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getting a house from the council is difficult, i have a two bed ground floor flat with no direct access to a garden, my children aged 6 and 4 have go down an alley way to the garden, the have barred off the patio doors so no access that way, my youngest who has global delay doesn't walk has no bedroom of he's own and isn't able to access the garden without me, this area is also paved and stoned so not ideal, i was advised to ask for a medical assessment because altho i'm on the council list everyone else seems to out bid me for properties and properties that would be suitable seem to be non existing or i don't get a look in, but when i spoke to the council i was told because of being in band b i should wait because there are four groups of priorties but she didn't say what the were, so i'm now waiting again for something to come along,
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It sounds as if you are just in a general needs band. Take a look at your council's website, there will be a copy of their allocations policy available there and see what you think. You can get Shelter, a law centre of housing advice case wroker involved to make sure your application is in the right band and correct application dates etc, a homelessness officer may be able to start the ball rolling for you on whether is is reasonable for you to remain in your current property....... if it feels wrong then it likely is wrong so get a professional on the case Smile
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thankyou all to your comments Disappear

lexie, when you sold your house did the council ask a lot of questions as to how much etc etc ? and what council are you under?

sorry and lastly was you getting any help from council towards your mortgage on your house ? ie interest rate pay

thanks hun
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hi council didnt ask any questions at all re finances, i was assessed by OT from Bury disability team for adaptations on my property it was considerd that the property was unsuitable for adaptations. i was re housed on medical grounds because the property did not meet our needs. we were not getting any help with the mortgage or interest payments.
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