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Hi. Perhaps most people know about this or it has been covered before on this forum but just in case anyone has missed it - did you know you can get free nappies for a disabled child who is over a certain age? The age varies depending on area (as always!) from 3-4. We have just started getting them and they are good nappies. Jack can wear them overnight without leaking - it's great! Of course you have to apply for them but it's well worth it. They delivered about 8 weeks worth to us in 1 go and then we have to phone up when we are down to our last box.
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i cant get them till laras 4 :| its really sad though cus they cost so much and cus our children are older there not very good! lara leaks! but i find huggies very good 4 night but i use pampers during day cus they hold poo lol!!! so i spend abt 40 quid on nappies every 2weeks lol
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we get them in sheffield from age 3. Matthew is entitled to 4 a day which I think is the maximum number allowed, and we can order every 15 weeks. Our supply only lasts about 10 weeks or so but its a big saving. We didnt get told by a medical proffessional though, had to find out for ourselves when he had been eligible for about a year!
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Shockingly in some areas the age is 5 Angry
Its not right that there is such a diffrence with some an important service.
Here in Birmingham the age is 4 years old which is annoying as Euan gets through about 10-15 nappies a day because of his renal condition. Blush
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In west berks where we live the age is also 4 but when I applied I told them how many nappies Owen used in a day and they send out enough boxes to cover around 3 months at a time..fortunately we have quite a big garage with plenty of space to store them!! It's not fair that the age/quality and amount varies so much from area to area though..yet ANOTHER example of the postcode lottery that seems to be everywhere in this country!!

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