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Thanks for clarifying Daniel.

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(05-14-2010, 03:21 PM)ginny Wrote: Thanks for clarifying Daniel.


Will you be able to claim still?
Im very intrested to hear how many people these new rules affect.
Ive spoken with 8 parents today and all of them have been affected by this.
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Weve been getting things off the family fund for 3 years, but i have noticed that this year due to the new rules on what they count towards income we are over the limit as we get just over £13,000 in child tax credits alone as we have two disabled children on the severe disability. This along with WTC and hubbies income is over the limit so looks like we won't be applying this year.
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(05-14-2010, 11:37 AM)hazel52 Wrote: I am living on benefits and adoptioin allowances and despite having 2 qualifying children do not qualify for help. They do NOT take the nr of children into accounrt at all. I asked a rep from the fund about this and she said nrs of children did not matter. I pointed out that the dad sitting next to me with 1 qualifying child who earned just a few pounds a year less than i did would get help and i would not despite probably having less dispoable income; she agreed but said those were the rules. It also depends which part of the uk you live in when the cut off age is implemented.

The amount of children SHOULD be taken into account - The more children you have the more tax credits you get (in theory...) which means the more you spend on food, clothing, living expenses, the bigger the house, the bigger the house etc etc. . . . X

Another source of funding is Cerebra - you need to get extra paperwork together, but well worth it...

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We've been affected by the new rules too, we've been using family fund for 4 yrs now and theyve been really helpful.But since the new rules have come in we are not entitled to any help...my husband does work and earns £20800 yearly which just fitted in with the critera,but we have 8 children which has sent us well over the limit this time,i feel its really unfair and they should take into account any extra siblings.

Chelle x

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