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To be fair, I can understand the point about the family fund being a charity, not a government benefit or 'right'. However, what the family fund have done, by making the changes, is making it impossible for some people to access the grants when in reality, they don't have extra cash to buy needed household or disability items, purely because of the way they've done it, not taking into account things like different rents in different areas, or more than one disabled child.
The part about carers allowance being a wage isn't very well thought out though. I don't know anyone who would agree to work the hours most of us do, for the pittance that is given (and simply taken from income support etc, if recieved, so in theory we do it for nothing - if I wasn't a carer, simply a stay at home mum for my youngest child then I'd recieve pretty much the same money, without the 24/7/365 hours). It also varies with different organisations over whether you are classed as 'working' or not. I've found some places accept being a carer as 'work', whereas others simply look down their noses at you as they just see the 'benefits' you recieve.
I suffer terribly with back problems, and my husband has arthritis in his knees. Possibly health problems we would have suffered with anyway, without the extra physical and mental caring for a disabled child, but I doubt we'd have these problems in our 20's and 30's as we do now. Whilst I wouldn't give up looking after my son for anything, 'employed' carers are given health and safety training, equipment for handling, and are entitled to sick pay if anything happens to them where they require rest. We have to carry on regardless. So no, its not really a 'wage'.
The services, yes, if the government had the money to back them up, they would be great, and would make life incredibly easy without the need for many grants. However, wheelchair services often can't supply what is needed and people are expected to make do. My son was given a crash tested wheelchair for use on the school bus and to use in school, which was fantastic, we all know how expensive wheelchairs are! Sadly, because they couldn't afford one to suit all our needs, we were making do and my other children were missing out on trips because they weren't suitable for a wheelchair, or because my son would need a nap at some point, and the chair didn't recline. I was very lucky and managed to locate an all terrain special needs buggy on ebay, and used his DLA to purchase it. However, if I hadn't got one off there, then I would have been reliant on a grant from somewhere, to ensure the whole family had a reasonable quality of life.
The DFG, well personally I'm in a council rented property, my son is 6 now, and became disabled at 6 months old. We still have no adaptations for him, save a temporary wooden ramp, that is starting to break. I also waited for a bath seat for over 2 years from the OT. Of course, some services in some areas are better than others, but most people struggle to access one service or another in their area!
I don't think the OP was being rude, I think they are just incredibly lucky to have never struggled to have access to anything needed, nor felt the need to rely on grants to purchase items, such as a washing machine, because the need to use one several times a day, every day (as I do, with a son who's *free* nappies tend to be of a naff quality, and leak, or suffer from reflux) means they break down far faster than people can afford to replace them.
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(09-06-2010, 07:01 PM)Daniel Wrote:
(09-06-2010, 06:56 PM)Mentalmomma Wrote:
(06-05-2010, 09:23 AM)mummyto5 Wrote: we have used the family fund for 2 years, we have had a grants for two holidays and a dishwasher, and also carpet for our front room, but it seems now that we are not entitiled to the grant now, because we have to much money coming in. My husband works part time earning less than a £100 a week, we also get dla, carers allowance, tax credit for 5 children, we have 1 disabled child, we also get housing benefit and council tax benefit which adding it all up takes us over. it is such a shame that they have changed the rules. It seems they are penalizing the people that need the help the most, along with the schools stopping you from taking your children out of school for cheap holidays. the grant really helped us pay for a holiday in the school holidays, but without it we can not afford to do it.

We get Incapacity/mortgage via income support, council tax benefit (forgot that one Daniel!) dla for out 2 disabled sons high care for both, low mob for eldest,nothing for younger, carers for one, child tax credits with inclusion of disabled children and child benefit. We too have claimed in the past, before our youngest child was registered disabled and able to claim dla, but have now been refused, due simply and only apparently to having a second disabled child! Go figure!

Ive sent you as a PM as it does seem you could be entitled Smile
Remember that DLA and child benefit is not an income they include in income calculations Smile

Hi Daniel, thank you for the PM, i have had a look but we are still not entitled. once again thank you,


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