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Aw sorry about that, I didn't know there was a minimum age.
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Have you tried getting in touch with you local carers centre (Princess Royal trust for Carers)? I live in Falkirk and we have a very active parents group here.
Other plces I would try is thr local education dept who may have specialist playgroups--I used to go to one here til my daughter went to school. She is at The Royal Blind School and that is somewhere else you could phone and seeif thet offer anything( I know they used to do pre school playgroups}. Hope this is of some help. Hazel
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- Hi there, we moved to Edinburgh in August and I have two special needs Children - my wee girl is 3 and boy is 2. They are both undiagnosed but have global developmental delay, hypotonia and a rare sleep apnea. We have found a couple of great places. Capability Scotland at Murrayfield, they run various things - music classes, hydrotherapy pool, soft play etc - if you need it they will even give you respite for a couple of hours to go off and have some you time (remember that?) whilst they entertain your little person. My two just attended their x-mas party, they really make a fuss of the Children. The other is Braidburn Special Needs School at Oxgangs in Edinburgh. They have an open playgroup at their nursery at 9.30am on a Friday morning, parents stay. It's fantastic, they use the facilities of the school -sensory room, soft play etc and they tailor the session for the Children needs who are there as it's run by the special needs nursery teachers. Good luck and we may meet up there. xx

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