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Hi is there anyone out there with a child with sod or ohn or any kind of visual impairment. Finding it hard feeling like im the only one here if so let me know. x
Mummy to a very special little girl with Septo optic dysplasia, Diabetes Insipidus, Adrenal supressant and Infantile spasms.
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Hi there, I'm new here and just saw your post, my daughter has septo-optic displaysia along with other neuro conditions, so Hi

Kirsty x
Mum to 3 gorgeous girls Bethany (12), Amyrose (7) and Chloe (4). Chloe has Septo-Optic Displaysia, Bilateral Schizencephaly, Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Spina Bifida Occulta, Global Developmetal Delay and Epilepsy. But has a smile that can light up the grumpiest persons day!
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Hi, my daughter has SOD. she also has pachygyria. She was diagnosed in her first year. Since then she has progressed in leaps and bounds. When she was 2 we tried vision therapy. However when they tried to introduce a seeing cane and braille I immediately discontinued the services. Everyone treated me like I was crazy but I knew my daughter didn't need it. Today she colors, names pictures in books and even recognizes some alphabet letters.

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