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ive painted my bathroom..how sad, i wondered why my paint wasnt holding up untill i realised you can buy paint thats for bathrooms...who knew lol..had a few vodkas also so havent a clue if it will look like i think it does, i dont have to get up with the kiddies tomorrow so making the most of it...well not really as all ive done is paint the bathroom, got to start somwhere i guess
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i just catching up with corrie and eastenders that i missed while away Big Grin
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Im watching funny youtube videos Big Grin
Now off to bed Smile bedtime
Hope the bathroom turns out ok when sober Big Grin
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I've just hosted a baby shower for my friend who's expecting a baby girl in June! Am shattered now though.....
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ive never ever been to a baby shower, i always thought they were an american thing but more and more people over here seem to be having them, i know a few people who are pregnant and planning them. what exactly is the point!? Blush


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