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My son was diagnosed with ADHD last april,we tried using behavioural stratagies to control it, but last october we decided it might be fiarer to try meds as his school work was suffering badly.

He slowly started to improve at school but homelife was still very difficult so his consultant up his meds, he is now on concerta xl 27mg and i swear her has got worse!! i phoned the consultant in despair on tuesday and he told me it will get slightly worse before it gets better but im finding it all very hard at the moment.

i dont seem to have the patinece and compassion i had before. im short tempered with him, and i sit and tell mysself it isnt his fault but the whole family is suffering at the hands of 1 childs adhd and my other 2 children are missing out on things because of it.

we are a single parent family and the children stay with there dad 1 night every 2weeks, other that that i dont receieve any help. i know i should thank myself lucky that i even get that because some parents dont get any time away from their Children, and that one night means i can get ba decent nights sleep and do my shopping and pay my bills without dragging 3 Children around with me.

anyway, ive babbled on, but i just wondered if anyone had any ideas that i could try because im at a loss and feeling like a very bad person these days Sad
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hey hun and welcome to the forum Smile i dont really have much good advice for you on this one Sad but i can empathise with how your feeling, we have 3 children, my son euan who is 3 has cystinosis and is being assessed for asd, my older daughter is 7 and sees the same doctor whos assessing for asd at his behaviour clinics. They have told us she has oppositional defience and possibly adhd but 'because she is ok at school'' blah blah - shes not actually ok at school she still argues with the teachers but they like to brush it all under the carpet Undecided anyway....they have started her on equisim (sp?) xl - 10mg (ritalin) to start off upping to 20mg at her next appointment as thats the theraputic level apparently. To be honest, even on 10mg i think it has made some difference to her school work and concentration but at home pretty much most of the time she is still a nightmare! i really find that her behaviour affect my relationship with her, her attitude towards me and her dad is awfull, you just dont expect to be spoken to like that by a 7yr old! we have been refered to camhs - but have heard nothing and have been refered to tripple p - again heard nothing so we are stuck in the cycle of arguements and punishments which is very stressfull!! like i said, her brother is being assessed for asd and she windes him up rotten causing screaming and physical violence towards her from him....its not a great environment to live in to be honest!

so...rant over Big Grin i'm sorry i cant be much help, but i'm hear if you want a chat Smile

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hi bigbabymama,

i've got a 8 year old with ADHD, it is tough on the family and i've told my self more than once that he is the one with the disability, but it's our family that suffers from it.

you sound like you need support.... have you contacted social services. I broke down last year and went into their office, they took ages sorting out help and i needed to keep on chasing them, but there are people out there who will help you.

It's really sad but every time is a battle. you have to fight to get anyone to help you, its extremley exhausting BUT there is help out there.

Have you got a support group in your area! keep in touch X
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