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I think another point is all the labour 'agencies' or private companies that are paid millions to assess and support people when in fact they skim the cream off their grants and provide very poor services indeed (look at A4E and other similar companies owned and run by sir this and lady that!)
Even a simple problem like maintainance collection from absent parents is now a private agency contracted by DWP, at the advice of sir david henshaw, the twit who ruined Knowsley council, then Liverpool council and got his knighthood for selling Liverpool to BT!
I really do think the Conservatives can and would at least try to bring back a social sense of community and personal responsibility...........

Off my soap box nowConfused
Forgot to add, fox hunting is not banned........... just using hounds to track them is Smile
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I worry because David Camerons father in law runs a hunt and I am sure that will influence the free vote happening or not.

Why do we need to vote again on something that no decent society would give the time of day to. Its barbaric.And we have been promised votes and referendums before. They just don't happen.

And I am sorry Daniel but the people you talk to are probably genuine people with sick members of the family who need benefits but of the 12 claims I passed on doing today from my personal knowledge of them only two were not capable of working.

ESA was brought in because we have to get the fraudulent people working again our benefit money is buckling under the pressure and it may not be the right solution but somebody has to start somewhere.

And I hate the fact I cannot give genuine people money for storage or freezers or sensory room equipment because the non genuine ones are draining the system.

The conservatives did bring in family credit I know because my husband was on minimum wage and we got nothing. We lived and slept in our living room cooking on a microwave with no carpet because we could not afford to use the rest of the house.

Under labour we got tax credits which helped us to have some standard of living.

Under conservatives I was in a hospital corridor with pre elampsia and I was sent home due to no beds. He was born 9 weeks early the next day.

He was not diagnosed with autism and his hospital visits for being premature, bad heart and lungs etc should have been every two months were every 10 or twelve instead. I know that was long time ago but I don't think the party has really changed.

They are still more for the rich and cuts in public services. I know from working at the DWP if people think the system is bad now vote them in and see what happens.

Everyone who worked under them before is worried sick because the rules for benefits especially sickness benefits were hard.

And as for MR Clegg well I have no problem with genuine needy people coming here from other countries but again if he gets in and relaxs the EU and immigration our benefits system will collapse. I am really worried about our system and our country and I think its a vote for the best of a bad job but I want to try and keep my job and I would love to see it improve.
If I could believe a word the tories said I would vote for them cos I like him but I just don't.
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But why are you refusing people the sensory equipment and the freezers?
You mention about being at bursting point and the lib dems policy will make it worse and YES it will but Labour are the creators of this monster.
It is Labour that have:

-Immigration is up threefold since Labour came to power.

-Labour estimated that only 13,000 Eastern Europeans would arrive after joining the EU. In fact more than a million migrants from new EU states have come here since 2004.

-There are up to 700,000 illegal immigrants in the UK.

-Labour’s failure has aided human trafficking.
More than a thousand foreign prisoners, including sex offenders and murderers, were released without being deported.

-Gordon Brown fiddled the figures recently to ‘prove’ immigration was down in 2009.
-Net migration was only down in 2008 because record number of British citizens emigrated.

-A former Government adviser said that Labour had encouraged immigration for electoral reasons.

-The Home Office lost its files on 40,000 illegal immigrants.
-The Home Secretary admits Labour have failed on immigration.

You also mention the NHS the Tories are the party to PROMISE to back the NHS and not make any cuts that affect the NHS.

Look at the way the banks lost control and we the tax payer had to bail them out that was because it was his idea to remove the regulations surrounding the banks.
Look at all the quangos he has set up and wasted money which could have been spent elsewhere.
Look at the gold plated final salary public sector pensions which may as well be a blank cheque.
Look at the wages in the public sector they are well above those in the private sector.
Hospitals may seem to be improving but thats due to the Private Finance schemes.
The system creates budget inflexibilities that increase pressures on the NHS to cut its largest cost: the jobs, working conditions and pay of staff and thus access to quality healthcare services
The extra cost to the public purse of private over public finance for these first hospitals is about £60 million a year, which is 25 per cent of the trusts’ income.
Look at all of the managers in the NHS being paid to discuss whats working and whats not at great cost and then not actually doing anything to increase.
Yes you may have had a bad experience with the NHS but me too only a few years ago was sitting in an Accident and Emergency department with a DVT and i told the doctor i suspected a DVT and he never even had a measuring tape to measure my leg to measure swelling and used an old second hand bandage to try and measure and sent me home with a sprained muscle and a few days later i was rushed to another hospital with you guessed a DVT.
The DVT nearly killed me.
Also my mum has contracted MRSA previously something thats bigger than ever and because of the filthy conditions of some of these hospitals.

Materntiy services in Solihull near me have closed down to save money and many other materntiy services are closing too or becoming midwife led with no doctors on hand which would have been a disaster for Euan as he had to go to SCUBU because he caught an infection from the birthing room causing him to have to be resussed as his lungs had an infection which was making him go blue all the time.

Also Euan has a rare condition that took doctors months after months to find the problem and it only took so long because they lost the blood test.

In regards to ESA ive seen people awarded 6 points for walking problems due to a muscle wasting condition and nothing for severe mental health problems even though they had severe depression for 20 years.
Yet a doctor assesed her for 15 minutes and said she could work?

It seems very common the doctor is being asked to do a medical examination and report on your physical and mental condition. The doctor is NOT being asked to make a recommendation as to your suitability for benefit. Someone else makes that decision however it seems doctors are making there mind up and deciding if that person should recieve payments and if they think not the assesment goes againist them?
These assesments are also conducted by a private firm at great cost to the tax payment.
Why will Labour not allow the persons GP conduct a report? Dont they trust there own GP'S now?

Here is a news story about the ESA system failing those that need it:

Too many people say the Tories are for the rich well im not rich by any means.
I grew up in a place called Aston in Birmingham with a large crime rate and very high unemployment rate but i got out of there and wanted to do better for myself.
I have done better for myself and not because of Labour because i left school in 2000 with no one real GCSE to my name however everything i now know is self taught and i have learned myself in order to become a better person and offer your children better it is upto you as a person to do it but with Labour they dont seem to want to do this.

People say that the Tories look after the rich by looking after big business well what is so wrong with that afterall its BIG BUSINESS that creates jobs and wealth for the country.

Gordon Brown has increased tax to a level where these businesses have left the UK taking the Jobs with them.
Labour protect the small jobs with there union movements but dont look after the companies that generate millions and millions in taxes from companies and workers.

Look at council tax people used to think the "poll tax" was bad well why is it we pay nearly £1200 a year council tax now with it going up year on year.

Why are school teachers not allowed to restrain troublesome pupils and why are children being suspended and being allowed back even with issues like Knife Crime?

Why do police only spend 13% of there time on the beat because of paperwork?

So many failings from the goverment and remember that you feel that your system is falling apart and it could have not happened had it not been for this goverment??
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Where do people get the idea that our wages are above the private sector? If I was to do the job I do now for a similar organisation ie family fund, womans aid I would be on 4-5k more than I am in the DWP. All of my team are on tax credits because their wages are too bad to support their families. And I know the tories said they won't cut the NHS but I just don't believe them. I can't give items I want to as we just do not have the money. We don't get any extra if we run out so we give people the very basics. I respect peoples rights to believe and support David Cameron but I am too scared to vote for him. And I don't want change for changes sake I am too old to believe anymore that one party is going to be so much better than the others. Yes Labour have not been perfect and yes we are run by the EU which no party except BNP will change but I still think with them I don't have a 15% mortgage rate so I have not been re possessed again, I at least have a minimum wage for my children, I had increased mat leave and my friend got that for her adopted children too, stamp duty on this house I bought was non existent, my mum has a winter heating allowance and bus pass which my nan did not have, they abolished hunting, the hospitals are far better and the help my youngest son now has a right to in school compared to my eldest son's no help at all is amazing, and I am sure they did more but these things are importent to me. I think because I have the best labour MP ever for forty years in this area I am lucky it makes it easy for me to vote. I am not really a political animal I just don't want things to deteriorate again.
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I know there are many members unsure on who to vote for so i thought i would post this:


Its an online quiz that asks you questions about your beliefs and matches you to your closest party. Excercise
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