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David Cameron has called for the families of disabled children to be spared "the bureaucratic pain" of form-filling and assessments to get the help they need.

Life for the parents of such young people is already "complicated enough without having to jump through hundreds of government hoops", the Conservative leader says.
He says that a future Tory government would introduce an Austrian-style system of one-off assessments by "crack teams" of medical experts to determine what assistance families need.

Cameron,told the Guardian last year about how his contact with the health service, special schools, social and other services because of Ivan's condition had helped to shape his political views.

David clearly showed a hint of frustration at dealing with bureaucracy. "After the initial shock of diagnosis you're plunged into a world of bureaucratic pain. Having your child assessed and getting the help you're entitled to means answering the same questions again and again, being buried under snowdrifts of forms, spending hours on hold in the phone queue. I am determined to make life simpler for parents," he says.

He says he and his wife Samantha were not only "deeply shocked, worried and upset" when told of Ivan's condition, but also "incredibly confused". He adds: "It feels like you're on the beginning of a journey you never planned to take, without a map or a clue which direction to go in."

He also repeats a pledge to halt the closure of special schools and make it easier for parents to get the education they need. "So many parents get stuck on a merry-go-round of assessments, appeals and tribunals to get a statement of special needs and the extra help their child needs.

"There is a structural reason for that. The people that decide who gets specialist education – local education authorities – are the ones who pay for it. We're seriously looking at how we can resolve that conflict of interest, so parents don't have to enter such a huge battle for special education."
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He spoke about this a while back now and called it the 'passport system'. Shame it has to take an MP to be in the situation to even get it discussed and understood - but hey every thing helps!!
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I find this all very commendable but I have worked for a tory government and a labour one. I have had a young child with autism under a tory government and a labour one and I have been on benefits under both as well. I know much as I like the way David Cameron comes across I cannot vote for the conservatives because my help has been so much better under labour. I also like animals so I coudn't anyway lol but it annoys me cos I like and think he understands how we fell.
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Some of the differences in care and support would happen through general awareness and campaigning no matter who is in government, and some of what has improved in the last 13 years has not ben down to Labour, or even Uk governmment but down to Euroepan pressure and court cases.
Hansards makes long-winded but very interesting reading........... especially for an old fart like me Smile
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What we also have to be careful about is comparing a goverment which was last in power a long time ago when things were diffrent all together.
Attitudes from people were diffrent to disability as was the whole outlook on disabled people.
Therefore i wonder if the goverment have improved services through wanting to or because the pressure placed upon them.
I believe it is because of pressure on them.
Remember Disability Living Allowance was introduced by the Major Government in 1992 and therefore it was the consertives who brought this in.
Also everybody gives Gordon Brown credit for tax credits but many will not remember it was the Tories who introduced Family Credit which was the founder for this project and therefore they introduced this too.
It is the Labour party which have introduced ESA Dodgy

Two things infuriate me about ESA, one is that the standard to have so-called 'limited capability for work' is harsher than that for being 'incapable of work', so even people with quite serious health problems are now eligible for JSA only. But in practice they are likely to be not eligible for JSA either as they cannot meet the availability-for-work requirements.

The second is that for someone on DLA, the rate of ESA for the first 13-weeks is lower than the amount of JSA or income support because there is no disability premium. The amount of JSA or income support is what the law says you need to live on – the DWP use this phrase themselves. Therefore the amount of ESA is nearly £30 less than the law says you need to live on, assuming you are eligible for it at all.

We are very close to being back to a society that condems the sick and disabled to starvation thanks to ill-informed or made up tabloid articles.

It is also Labour who recently had to back track because they WANTED TO SCRAP DLA and are still working to scrap AA.

Labour has abolished Incapacity Benefit, it is thought Industrial Injuries Benefit is also under threat, and the prospect of being able to abolish Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance, costing over £10 billion per year, was extremely attractive to a government which has established a welfare system for Bankers costing hundreds of billion of pounds.

Will they look to scrap DLA again if they won the election?
The Conservatives said they will retain Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

David Cameron said in a debate that if carers were not caring for people it would cost the country £60 billion and he wants to do something about it.

Tell me people now.
How many people come onto this site frustrated by benefit decesions, frustrated with statements, frustrated that they are not getting the best care they should.
How many people are fed upof fighting because i know i am.

Im so fed up of the current system i actually feel like crying myself most days because its so bleeding well frustrating fighting all the time.

I would estimate approx 70% of our members are frustrated with the current system and i could guess that 100% of members would be appaled if labour went ahead with there wishes to scrap DLA and instead of you using how you want the LOCAL COUNCIL decide on what YOU NEED. (Would this be the begining of the end for direct payments)

I know im very frustrated.

Lets open up this debate a little

What is good about labour and what is bad.....
With elections around the corner lets see what is really happening on the ground.

And as for the fox hunting ban David Cameron has NEVER said he will bring it back he said he will give people a FREE vote on the issue and do you think the other parties would allow it to pass?
So the animals are safe.
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