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(04-28-2010, 12:39 PM)kinderegg Wrote: Hi Daniel and Lucy, I thought it sounds a bloody silly way to do it. liverpool council just asks that your GP supports your request for a badge, now although I live in liverpool I pay my council tax to knowsley metropolitan council, sounds posh, def isnt. We have an appointment fri am with a GP from the council list, stuff like this just causes me more anxiety than i need right now. Yes Orla is on oxygen at the moment so we have to take a cylinder out with us, least it comes with its own shoulder bag very fetching NOT. Yes I was quite pleased about the DLA, I think maybe Connor could have deserved a little more but you know how it is with Aspergers, we could appeal get sent to one of these Doctors who knows nothing about the condition and lose what he already has, I think it was sorted so quickly because they realised we could have been claiming since he was 6 but no one told us. better something than nothing, he's on about learning to drive so it can go towards lessons.

yes we got a blue badge , even the Dr I saw said its a ridiculous system
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(05-01-2010, 07:14 PM)kinderegg Wrote: yes we got a blue badge , even the Dr I saw said its a ridiculous system
Fantastic news.
You had the automatic entitlement because of the Oxygen so it was such a waste of resources making you go to the appointment in the first place Blush
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Hi Kinderegg,where about in liverpool are you from am from prescot. i have 3 children 2 with a diagnosis of autism an 1 in the process of getting diagnosed xx
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that's great news about DLA

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