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yes they stay in over night, but with sleep apnoea its hdu usually
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Our local hospital does the tonsils as a day patient - only know as i used to work there, the Children would have to arrive by 8.30am and be nil by mouth from the night before, they would go down to theatre and the once out of theatre they would be woke up and then as long as there was no problems they would be sent home after a couple of hours on the ward. So i would check how they are planning on doing the tonsils removal and if your daughter will be staying in overnight.

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I thought I would like to comment on here after years of battling with the nhs. Zachary my four year old son has suffered with breathing problems since he was a baby,at 10 months old and various trips to the doctors for chest infections, ear infections, tonsilitus etc we went sent to our local hospital. The ent department decided to send us home with a oxygen saturation machine a few months later, this showed that Zach had stopped breathing 193 times in one night,it was then put to me it would be best to take his tonsils and adenoids out and grommets inserted into his ears. Zach recovered and hes breathing appeared abit better, however a few months later he was back to snoring loudly again...so off I went back to ENT who appeared abit puzzled and after kicking up a fuss we were sent home with the oxygen saturation machine again, this showed his was still stopping breathing. So we were reffered to Alder Hey Childrens hospital, they were excellent and confirmed Zach has severe sleep apnoea, so in Nov 2010 Zachary got his CPAP machine which helps with his breathing. I will admit it took at least 2 months of constant sticker charts, enthusiam, the LOT to get him to get him to wear the mask and it really isnt easy. Also Zachary needs the grommets operation again but due to himm being on a cpap machine he is unable to have the operation so he is due to have hearing aids shortly.

Just want to let other parents out their know there is a treatment for apnoea in children , keep your eye on their breathing even after months after the operation as it could of gone undetected with Zach as there arent any follow up appointments after the op and if any one needs advice just message me.
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thanks for that info :-) Ive never thought to check since her op, i assumed it would be sorted

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