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Seems like you are being fobbed off alot... Dodgy
I would 100% speak with the surgeons before anything happens and ask for a specialist to take a look at the cardio aspect.
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its at times like this i feel my most crappest y dnt they just listen to me??? y do i have to fight for my son to get better y do they do this to us??
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I know chick. Sometimes you have to keep fighting and trust your own instincts. It's like in life there are good and bad people and there are good and bad docs. I agree with Father Jack and complaining to the GP, they need to know where your boy is up to health care wise.

Take Daniels advice and speak to someone at Alder Hey about the blue thing before they operate. I know this is all a huge stress but don't hold back on your fears about things to the consultant etc. and what you would like. I am always saying how worried I am about things and questioning always questioning. Your boy needs you to fight his corner for him, tough as it is you are doing it brilliantly so just hang on in there.
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i took youngest to drs today about her hands, feet and cheeks turning blue, and also about her eczema and dr was more worried about her eczema, he said loads of Children get blue hands feet etc when they are cold, dont know whether to believe it or not
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well having any blueness to face, hands or feet according to NHS direct means a 999 call so I am very interested in why doctors seem to be brushing this aside........ especially given the other medical issues faced by some children

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